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I know this has happened to everyone at least once in the past! You buy something at the local store... then a few days later it goes on sale! Here's a great way to always get that sale price!

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I know this has happened to everyone at least once in the past! You go to Walmart, buy something you really need - then BANG it goes on sale! You feel like kicking yourself, but how where you supposed to know this would happen?!

* Here's a hard lesson that I learned this week, & I want all of our listeners to be able to learn the "easy" way =)

A few weeks back, I was given some money for my birthday. I decided that I would go to Walmart & buy myself a summer wardrobe since I had this extra cash that I didn't expect & I never get around to buying myself things that I need.

I took several hours picking out the right colors and styles. I also wanted to get as many pieces of clothing as possible for the least amount of money. They all fit beautifully, and I didn't think I'd need the receipt - so I through it away.

This week - almost all of the pieces of clothing that I bought are NOW on sale for approx. $5 each (a savings of up to $15 per item!).

When I found this out, I could have screamed!

I had a phone call from a good friend this week, and because we went shopping together, she wanted me to know about a little known guarantee that Walmart has. She said if I still had my receipt, I could go back and get over a $100 refund!!!!!

Needless to say - the trash man had already visited & my receipt was long gone!

Did you know that if you buy something at Walmart & it then goes on sale - because of their price guarantee - they will refund the difference in the price back to you?????

I could have definitely used that extra cash for items I'd like for summer!

She said she had bought a bicycle last year at the beginning of the season, & then in the middle of the season, it went on sale for $25 less. She took in the receipt & they gave her $25 CASH!

The customer service folks say, if you have your receipt & your items go on sale, you are entitled to a customers price satisfaction. They will then give you the difference in cash, or you may return the items & re-buy them at the lower price. The customer service gal also said - when you mention that you will return the items & re-buy them, they will usually just give you your cash back to avoid the extra time & effort for you!

Oh man I wish I knew this a few weeks ago!!!!!

So when you're shopping for your summer grill, clothes, shoes, kitchen ware, etc... KEEP THOSE RECEIPTS!!!!!

If it should happen to go on sale - go get your cash back!

A tip sent in from a reader.........

Hi Pearl,
My wife (Cindy) & I listen to the WBAL morning show every day on our way to work. This morning, we heard your story of the Walmart purchase & Sale price dilemma. Here's something maybe you can consider for your newsletter or listening audience. My wife is "religious" about this little method of hers.

We keep twelve envelopes, each labeled with the month of the year on it. In them she puts the receipts for pretty much ANYTHING that she purchases (pack of gum or mint would of course be excluded). And as the year turns over, she'll reuse the envelope of the new month approaching. For example, June is coming up so she'll go thru that new monthly envelope, review what's in there before tossing the year old receipts. Then she'll reuse the envelope for this June. If there is a big item receipt, she may hang onto that separately a little longer. This way we have receipts for items that are just about a year old. And believe me they have come in handy. Very rarely does she just toss a receipt.

Now at Christmas time, a special envelope of Christmas presents is kept. Because of the reason they were purchased. Also, for big ticket items, (expensive stuff), we may hang onto the receipt and the box for quite a while.

We bought a phone/answering machine from Best Buy, taped the receipt to the box and put it away. Just in case it needed to be returned, we had everything on hand.

Just a thought for you. Bill Voelker

* Bill thanks a bunch from all of us ;) Now if I had only started this method a few weeks ago!