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Camping Tips - money saving ideas for your next camping trip

Homemade Equipment

1. Channel lock pliers make good pot holders.

2. Make an oven by lining a moving box with aluminum foil and pushing coat hangers through both sides about half way up the box to form your grill. Put coals in a pan and put the pan on three stones on the bottom of the box. Close the doors (lid) and bake away.

3. Canning rings can be use to cook your eggs in for egg sandwiches. (Works well for English Muffins or Hamburger buns).

4. Nylon rope can be used as shoe laces.

5. Use a large zip lock plastic bag, filled with air, as a pillow.

6. Plastic butter tubs make good storage containers for your camp kitchen. (Not a good idea to use in a backpack).

7. A plastic bottle makes a good latrine for cold weather camping. (You don't have to 'go' very far from your sleeping bag). Keep it just out side the tent flap.

8. An old closed cell foam exercise pad will make a passable sleeping pad.

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