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Cottage Gardens, Garden Ponds

Surround Your Home With English Cottage Gardens For $10 or Under!

Because I've been getting so many letters like the one below, I wanted to give you some ideas on how to surround yourself with your own lush cottage gardens. You can have your dream come to life every year, for less than the cost of a family meal at McDonalds!

My latest letter:
I read your note and would love to get some tips from you about how you went about creating an English cottage garden look. This look is my favorite, but I am having difficulty getting my beds to look as "lush" as the "pictures" in the gardening books. Do you plant closer than the recommended amount or...?? I really haven't been able to locate the details on this. Please help!

Well, what is a cottage garden?? I've found that each cottage garden is as different as the people who create them! What's the first thing that comes to "your" mind when the words are spoken?? I want you to grab a piece of paper & a pen, then write down EVERYTHING that comes to your mind when you hear the words "cottage garden." I want to show you how you can have every element you desire in your garden!

Take a sneak peek into my thoughts for a moment. When I hear the words "cottage garden," here is what fills my thoughts (in no particular order - typing as they come).

Butterflies, birdhouses, picket fences, tall cutting flowers, bird baths & water fountains, goldfish pond, vegetables, herbs, wildflowers, stones & stone walls, architectural elements, bird feeders & bird seed gardens, hanging baskets, moss, secret paths, arbors, ivy, waddle fences, fuchsias, hummingbirds, roses, trellises, garden benches, porch swings, ferns, wildlife, WOW .... I could think about cottage gardens all day!

Now lets take a look at the elements I've mentioned above & think of how I could create a garden filled with the things I love without paying a king's ransom.
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