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garden pond size
Because we were enlarging our first garden pond, we had to decide how much bigger we wanted to make our small pond. Then, we laid a rope around the outside edge of our new design. Here's my sweetie digging up the old plants, so we can use them around the new pond.

The Way You Like it!

When it comes to design, I think there are as many different opinions about how a pond should look as there are people who build them! Why? Because each person is trying to portray what s/he sees as the perfect space. You need to decide what works for you! Just because I love a thick jungle of cottage flowers as a backdrop for a pond, does not mean that you can’t put your pond out in an open stretch of lawn all by itself! Spend some time looking through different pictures of garden ponds (library, book store, or favorite magazine rack), and jot down some notes about what seems to catch your eye. Once you know what style you want to go with, you’re ready to plan the process.

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