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The right spot for your garden pond

The Right Spot For Your Garden Pond

The placement of your new pond is very important. Here are a few things you will need to ask yourself before you start digging.

- Will you be able to have a good view of the pond from inside of your home? You will get twice as much enjoyment from your pond if you can see it when you’re inside. Some of my favorite views of the garden pond are from my kitchen window! I love to watch on warm rainy days when the birds come & bathe in the little puddles that form on the warm stones, and the cold winter days when ice gathers around the edges of the waterfall!

- Is the location close to other animals? You want to make sure that larger animals have limited access to your pond area. For example: some dogs will be tempted to jump in and take a swim & you don’t want their nails to puncture your lining.

- Will there be some shade sometime during the day? Shade for at least part of the day is a good idea, because limiting direct sun helps to prevent algae growth.

- Is the location I’ve picked under deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves every year)? If you place your pond under deciduous trees, you will have seed drop every spring and leaf drop every fall. You will also have a few fallen leaves after every hard wind. If you don’t mind cleaning the leaves out every once in a while, you don’t need to worry about this aspect. I think it is worth the extra cleaning I need to do to have my pond tucked under some beautiful shade trees.
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