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garden pond liner protection

Protect your garden pond liner with a protective layer

At this time, it would be very wise to add a protective layer as an added cushion for your liner should any sharp objects work their way up through the soil later.

Here are some ideas for free materials to use:

- Several layers of old newspaper

- An old blanket

- A layer of sand (tip: most sand yards will allow you to take sand by the bucketful free of charge!)

- A piece of old carpet or carpet padding (be sure that there are no carpet nails left :) You can get as much free carpet as you need - free! Simply call local carpet installers & request the old carpet that they remove.

- Layers of bubble wrap (instead of having to bring it to the recycling center, use it for your pond!)

- Roofing felt

You can see in this picture that we chose to line our pond bottom with a piece of old carpet. You can see at the bottom of the picture, we've started cutting it to size.
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