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garden pond

Garden Pond Pictures

Here's a view from the right side of the waterfall. The old pond can not even be seen from this angle. it's to the right of the bridge in the upper right hand corner. I love the large flat stones here beside the waterfall! I use them to sit on, while I read & dangle my feet in the water!

We planned the bridge in such a way that it could connect two areas of the garden. Here's a view from the other side of the bridge pathway.
plants around garden pond

Here's the new cobblestone pathway that we put in to lead folks down to the pond. You can see part of the woodland garden to the right of the path. The path leads right to the bridge & encourages visitors to cross over to see the pond & garden from different angles.
cobblestone path leading to the garden pond

Here's a close up of some of our plants in the woodland garden.
Garden plants around the woodland pond

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