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How do I keep my garden pond from getting stagnant? Will the pump hurt the fish?



Dear Pearl,
I was so glad to come across your "no nonsense" approach to building a garden pond under for $10. I have two questions, however. Wouldn't the water become stagnant? Also, if I was to incorporate a pump could I still add fish to the pond? I will wait for your response before I venture out to build one. I am so excited!



Dear Vellyias,
Thank you for taking the time to write.

#1 - Think about some of the ponds that you see along the back country roads. As long as you have a mixture of water, plants, an organisms, you will have your own little ecosystem (yours will just be a bit smaller :) I don't think you will ever have perfectly clear water, but it will not become stagnant if you have the 3 items above.

(side note: I don't really want perfectly clear water, because somehow it doesn't seem natural to me - but everyone has their own taste :)

If you want to go for the perfectly clear water look, you could add a bio filter. Some people will also opt for the use of chemicals, however, I wouldn't recommend it. Be very careful as you could harm the fish or other animals living in the eco system, and you might also cause your liner to deteriorate.

#2 - A pump is perfectly fine in your garden pond with your fish. Each pump usually has a small filter around the intake area to keep fish & other small creatures from getting into it. Be sure to keep this filter cleaned out on a regular basis - as it collects leaves & other debris as the water circulates.

Enjoy your new garden pond!