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There are lots of different ways to build a garden pond using creative ideas for your garden pond liner!

I would love to have my own garden pond, but the liners are so expensive! Is there anything else I could use to build my new water feature?


Since I started sharing my frugal pond ideas several years ago, I have continued to get piles of email from website visitors. Here are a few creative liner ideas that our readers have used with success:

- A plastic child's swimming pool

- Swimming pool liner
When someone replaces their pool liner, they have to pay to get rid of the old liner. Just cut out an undamaged section of the liner to use for your pond - not bad for free!

- An old sink
One reader decided to use an old pink sink for a water accent in her pink flowerbed. She left the faucet in place & used it for the water fountain feature. She even hung up a mirror above the sink for an added artistic touch.

- A pretty vintage claw foot tub
Many times you can find these free from people who are remodeling their bathrooms. Simply put the stopper in & fill it up!

- Cheap black shower curtain
You can find these for approx. $2 in your local discount store.

- Old large round satellite dish
Out of date & unsightly to look at, people are trying to get rid of these monsters! One reader picked one up free of charge, filled in the small holes with electrical clay from the hardware store, painted the inside with flat black waterproof paint, put it in the ground and presto.... a perfect reflecting pond!

- Livestock watering trough

- Waterbed liner

- Any large plastic flower pot or container

- 5 gallon drywall mud bucket - free from contractors

I've even had readers share their great success with using 2-3 layers of heavy duty trash bags!