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Hair care savings can come in more ways than local grocery store sales, or in store coupons!

I think we all know about trying to find a sale, using a coupon, or buying larger containers of everyday necessities like:

Hair spray
Hair Gel

But, what I did not know until this week is, you can buy all of these items MUCH cheaper at a local beauty supply store!

These stores are where beauty parlors go to stock up on all their shop needs, but the great thing is - they are also open to the public!

You can find most of your favorite brands there, plus the professional brands used in your favorite beauty parlor!

Usually, the only product you can't buy is a perm.

I found GALLON containers of hair spray, gel, shampoo, & conditioner for UNDER $5!

This week I bought a gallon of wonderful shampoo for 4.95. This gallon is condensed - so it really makes up 8 GALLONS!

Just keep your current containers & then when you run out, simply refill them from your gallon container!

You can also become a member at most supply houses for a few dollars per year. At the store that I go to, my membership was $5 per year. The day I joined, I happened to need a new hair dryer, and just with that purchase alone I made my membership fee back!

* I shop at Sally's Beauty Supply (national chain). Check out www.sallybeauty.com to find the store in your area. You can also print off special in store coupons!