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Wondering how to transplant your garden plants at a time when the "experts" say it's wrong to even try it? I find great success, even if I don't live by the transplanting rules!


garden transplants



I am curious how you dig up plants and replant them without killing them. Is there a special technique for this? I love your website. I am very challenged when it comes to being creative outdoors but you make it easy and affordable. Thank you and God Bless,



Dear Diane,

There are "rules" for transplanting, but it always seems that I have a great opportunity for a new plant at all the wrong times. If you live by the rules of transplanting your garden plants, you might miss out on lots of wonderful opportunities! Because I love to add new plants to the garden, and I don't want to miss out on a great find, I have always had success by using a few simple guidelines:

- Dig a large enough root ball around the plant to provide enough roots for future growth.

- Dig the transplanting hole a bit bigger than the plant’s root ball.

- Add a bit of compost for fresh nutrients (preferably from your own compost pile).

- Be sure to "water in" the plant very well, and keep it watered daily until it is established.

- I like to cover the plant loosely with a small tent of wet newspapers (be sure to keep the papers moist by spraying them each day). This provides much needed shade during the first few days of the traumatic move by keeping the leaves moist & cool.

Enjoy your new plants!