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Small Water Gardens - Water Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Thank you for all the response to my pond article in the last issue. Here are some ideas for those of you who live in smaller dwellings.

Use a waterproof container like ~ a bucket, pail, barrel, old tub (small baby kind cheap at auctions), sauce pan, roaster, etc. fill with water, and put plants all around. You could put a small pump in it, and even some goldfish. There are neat little fish tank pumps out now! They look like little waterfalls! The water spills over the top ledge instead of one little spout.

How about an old pickle (glass gallon) jar with some gold fish & plants? You can get them free if you ask at the local deli! You could place some nice stones or marbles in the bottom.

The idea is to have the water element in a home environment. Do you have plants, water, containers, fish (10 for a buck at a pet shop)? Then you have the makings of an indoor water garden! I like the look of just a pretty clear glass bowl with stones in the bottom, and a candle or flower floating on top! This makes a beautiful centerpiece.

How about at your next party, use a large vase - put in some pretty flowers, then add a few goldfish to it! Your guests will have something to talk about right from the start! Or can you imagine having a little waterfall in the corner with tall plants in back (you could bring in some from outside, use branches, tall grass from roadside), water container in the middle, and small plants in front? Pop in a little fountain & just the sound of water will bring folks together for a soothing evening.

I hope these ideas get your brain in a creative fix!